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What is MPH?  MPH is the abbreviation for miles per hour.

MPH is the measurement of distance that can be traveled in one hour.  It is an abbreviation for the words “miles per hour” and is used primarily in North America especially the United States.  There are 60 minutes in one hours time and a mile is 5,280 feet in distance or in the metric system 1,609.344 meters to be exact.

Most commonly MPH or “Miles per hour” is referred to as in speed.  As an example:  the traveled at 50 miles per hour referring to the time measurement.  So in 60 minutes time a distance of 80.4672 kilometers were traveled.

The term is not ever used in relation to transport over water and that is nautical miles and does not apply.  Miles per hour or “MPH” only applies to speed and time on land like cars, buses, bikes and motorcycles to name a few or in the air such as an airplane, jet or a rocket.


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